A New Way Home
When you walk alone
the forest path
Asking only where to go
Walk some more
Until what comes into view
Is exactly what
you were looking for

I sat to think under this here bough
Where birds doth sing mightly to thou

Where now I hear the Grand Voice call
To tell of sacred things, enthrall

This voice it said, said it to me
Quiet down and listen carefully

The world as you see it can be seen anew
From upon whose back you wish to view

Climb into flight upon my wings
To where the love you seek doth spring

My heart turned to stone
A privlidge revoked
The grace of love denied
To me 
Rock born from rock
Born from rock
Yet, what stone does love
Its molecules shaped 
Not of matter
But the song of the Divine
To awaken me
From my infantile slumber

The moon tide swells
Brushing me with its
Cold caress
Whispering demands
I am to take
A goddess pleading with
Her offering

Native to my heart
Your arrival invites eyes
That linger
Faces admitting our
Echoing beats of joy