I enjoy the process of self-expression through poetry. Here are some of my poems for you.



The love you embody

Engulfs the discarded leaves

No longer needed by the tree

Transforming what was once true

Imto the simple matter necessary

For new life to bloom


The maple seed knows
It must let go
Into the wind
Yet holding strong
To the tree from which
Was born
Waits for the grip
Of the breeze
To pull those tight toes free


Before the new cotyledon peeks
Into the envelope of sky
Roots dive deep below the loam
Tasting nourishment from
Ancient growth
Until complexity does climb
Into the world of sparkle splendor
Turning dreams upon a spool
Daring to reach its full destiny.


Ode to Fall
Sun and moon come together
For one more dance
Defying the inward call
Of Winter

Geese overhead laugh
At their own extravagant joke

Dragonfly mistakes my foot
For a rock
I mistake the tickle
For a fly

Hurried Breeze carries away her
Precious scent of Summer
Before Rain wets it


In Between
Orb of light we call the moon
Embrace me now, I seek respite
Heal the secret wounds I’ve kept
In the armpits of my shadow

A tender maiden I was one day
Captivated by the dark of night
Now on glowing wings I dream
Of places yet I long to be

The moon mother still she sings of care
Pained, I fear might I befall
A laughing Goddess trick
If down her soothing words I wander


Contemplating Quiet
I hear my heart, my breath, my laughter, my
Backpack creaks, my
Feet beat louder
Chipmunks dash
Birds take flight
Crickets pop like corn
On a hill I drop my pack
Sit among the flowers
Through the trees I see a deer
A silent quest it takes
To be so graceful
I admire


Maybe You Know
In the vast emptiness
Should my peace begin
Yet in the corners of
My solitude
Are sharks that hunt me there

Breaking like waves
Across my chest
Squeezing my breath too tight
Come the familiar pains of
An anxiety attack

Until the sea is still
Once more
I sit alone and wait
To be released
From this intangible, recurring fear.


The Buzz
A drone bee sings
Of the life ahead
To the dreaming maiden
In her honeyed comb
When she wakes
From her gentle slumber
Recognition overcomes her with
Who she has become


Patience Proves
Kid, hanging on the bars
Playground loud
You, kid, thoughtful
The day gray
Life blooming through
When the sun drifts down
To touch your skin


The soft blanket of
Dark forest matter; detritus
Life hides
From the bite of Winter
Dreaming of
The wanderer who will pass by
To witness the first
Curl of a fern
Yearning to unfold
Before her


With Purpose
Pulled toward the ground
Yellow dandelion top
Under the weight of a
Collecting pollen
I, myself pulled
By the Universe
Seeking in me


Night’s Kiss
Loneliness threatens
To reveal her tender heart
Solitude confides in the breeze
While stars wink with knowing eyes
In a breath of delight
Relieved that she is waiting too


Revolutions Around the Sun
Overcome with recognition
I wonder
How have I come to be
Here again
A dream misplaced
A portal refound
Where once I saw your eyes
Moonlight caressed my soul while
The sea sang to me
My heart
Whispering secrets to
Your heart
Whispering secrets to
My heart
Beats shifting the air


Lightning crashed
Into my dreams
Waking me
With sudden velocity
Propelling me
Illuminated melody
Song in my bones
Reverberating from you


A New Way Home
When you walk alone
the forest path
Asking only where to go
Walk some more
Until what comes into view
Is exactly what
you were looking for


I sat to think under this here bough
Where birds doth sing mightly to thou

Where now I hear the Grand Voice call
To tell of sacred things, enthrall

This voice it said, said it to me
Quiet down and listen carefully

The world as you see it can be seen anew
From upon whose back you wish to view

Climb into flight upon my wings
To where the love you seek doth spring


My heart turned to stone
A privlidge revoked
The grace of love denied
To me
Rock born from rock
Born from rock
Yet, what stone does love
Its molecules shaped
Not of matter
But the song of the Divine
To awaken me
From my infantile slumber


The moon tide swells
Brushing me with its
Cold caress
Whispering demands
I am to take
A goddess pleading with
Her offering


Native to my heart
Your arrival invites eyes
That linger
Faces admitting our
Echoing beats of joy