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Buried Treasure

When I stopped repeating the story of what I didn’t want or didn’t think I had and instead turned my attention to believing in the unexpected, my brain switched from complaining about a problem to inviting in a solution. Over … Continue reading

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Resolutions in Motion

You read (in my post) last week that I was declaring myself financially able and enthusiastically ready to shop locally. It has seemed easy in the past to let myself fall back on old habits of shopping at corporate chains because … Continue reading

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Inviting the New Year

The technique I used for making one of my most elusive resolutions happen resulted in the actual manifestation of an opportunity (read that Post). With such surprising success, I have decided to rephrase my intentions for 2018 the same way. In … Continue reading

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Transformational Learning

Understanding ourselves and our habits of mind can bring attention, awareness, and intention to our interactions, deepening our relationships. These personal insights can help support us in letting go of those pesky old habitual responses and actions that are not … Continue reading

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Reading Up

I had always imagined reading picture books to my kids and having them say something like, “Oh, I see that Max is yelling and stomping his feet when he is mad…I see now that other kids don’t hit each other … Continue reading

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  I was watching the bows swing up and down along the violins, watching the conductor dip and swoop his hands, and listening as the orchestra grew loud, soft, fast, slow, in synchronized rhythm. It brought to mind how we … Continue reading

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The Inner Life of Sustainability

Most often I think of sustainability as being solely ecological, relating to waste and the overuse of natural resources such as trees and fresh water. However, there is another aspect of sustainability which is energetic in nature and other consequences … Continue reading

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Intentions Bridge Creations

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    To continue the conversation of setting intentions and acting on the opportunities that arrive as I wrote in Follwing a Trail I have a story about a recent connection I made. I had the intention all year to … Continue reading

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Following a Trail

The other day I wrote a post about how to design your own curriculum (Living Curriculum). In it I gave steps for revealing opportunities around you that are aligned with your learning goals. Well, the last few weeks I have … Continue reading

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Finding Our Center

With our long summer days coming to an end and the winds of fall arriving, I am wondering how I want to create a new routine. I can feel the restless energy of the kids as summer activities slow down; … Continue reading

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