We are starting off the new year with a 31 day Gameschool Challenge from my-little-poppies.com. The challenge is to play a tabletop game every day.


Sine I don’t have any board games for the kids we have been playing with cards and dice.

I found a deck of Go-fish cards at Ace Hardware of all places and the kids love it. Each card has an animal and a letter but the kids have to match uppercase with lowercase. I am pleased to watch them practice letter recognition through play.

A second game we have been playing is what I have named “Cribbage Race”. My husband and I never ended up playing Cribbage yet we used the board to make up or own games.

For the kids, we simply roll a die and move our peg that many spaces along the holes all the way down to “finish”.

I decided to increase the complexity of our game by adding a second die. I am amazed at how quick my 4.5 year olds have picked up simple addition. When we aren’t playing they will do quick math in their head! 4 + 3, 3 +6, etc.

Next I was thinking we would try subtracting one die from the other.

I have seen several times the ease in which my kids learn when they are engrossed in an activity they enjoy. I am excited to continue exploring games and having fun with learning.

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2 Responses to “Gameschooling”

  1. michelle sager says:

    gameschooling = AMAZING! you are so inspiring!


  2. I love that how you have worked gameschooling into your day so creatively. So happy to have you in the challenge!


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