Strawberry Dream


Have you ever tried a new food and thought, “wow, this would go really well with…(fill in the blank)”? Just such a scenario happened to me the other night. I was making tacos and didn’t have any quinoa so I cooked up amaranth instead. As I was putting the tacos together I noticed the amaranth was creamier and sweeter than quinoa. I imagined it would make a good breakfast poridge. I have tried quinoa  for breakfast and did NOT like it. Amaranth however seemed promissing.

Days later I was running out of time on the leftover amaranth. I hadn’t used it as poridge yet so I decided it would become dessert instead. Coconut cream, coconut sugar, pumpkin seeds, strawberries – mmmm.

I had one cup of cooked amaranth mixed with two tablespoons of coconut cream, two teaspoons of coconut sugar and a handful of raw pumpkin seeds. I layered about a pint of strawberries (sliced) on top. Over the strawberries I splashed a dollup of coconut cream, a sprinkle of coconut sugar, a trickle of pumpkin seeds for a quick and delicious dessert!

My son and I pretty much ate the entire dish ourselves. He was on the table ready for bites and I was hovered over scooping us spoonfuls. My daughter said she didn’t like it and my husband was “too full” from dinner to have more than a few bites. Woah for me and my sweet tooth.

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